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Sort Out Collectible Postcard In Art Auction

Many people who are not fond of collecting vintage collectible postcards may not understand the true value that these art pieces hold. Vintage collectible postcards are rarely if not even mentioned as an integral element of an art auction. And while collectors and lovers of vintage collectible postcards take a lot of turns searching for more of these fantastic collectible items, art auctions are still considered a great place to find the best collectible postcards.

One time at an art auction in Eastlake, Ohio, there was a sale for a wide variety of vintage postcards. It contained about three thousand beautiful designs. Among the collectible postcards that were held for auction, about thirty percent were pre-linen. These pre-linen postcards were all made before the year 1930. The linen collectible postcards, which also comprise thirty percent of the total number of collectible postcards featured at the art auction, were made between 1930 and 1945. Forty percent of the lot for collectible postcards at the art auction was for early chrome collectible postcards, majority of them dating back from the fifties and sixties. Also, there were collectible pieces culled from the British museum series in the 1970s.

Linen era collectible postcards are also a popular choice. There are auctioneers in numerous art auctions who usually do not advertise the lot for postcards as linen and instead announce them as old or vintage collectibles. This could be attributed to their lack of knowledge in vintage collectible postcards. You can work this to your advantage and you can expect to have your own linen collectible postcards.

There are also exciting postcard collectibles from soldiers in World War 1. An art auction in New Haven featured two hundred pieces of this type of postcards, which had British, French and German mixes. Some of the pieces were even censored making it more interesting. Moreover, an art auction that featured four automobile racing postcards all created in 1904 was sold for a rather whopping $530. The winner of the bid must have gotten a good deal with the purchase since the postcards were in excellent condition and are exceptionally rare to find these days.

Collectors who view vintage collectible postcards as ‘more than just mere postcards’ rave for holiday collectible postcards. There are people who purchase holiday collectible postcards in art auctions and only frame and decorate them during the holidays. Some of the collectible postcards that were considered favorites among many auction bidders were all turn of the century. Valentine’s Day collectible postcards dating from the early 1900s are so romantic. Christmas postcards also come with highly creative artwork. With such a wide assortment of collectible postcards, you can choose as many as you like.

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